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    Fiber optic laser cutting machine

    Laser metal cutting machine (fiber cutting machine) is a new generation of sheet and tube cutting machines that use laser beam (lights created by a series of diodes that are transmitted by a series of mirrors and finally by concentrating it, the temperature The top creates and causes cutting at the place of cutting) Performs high-precision cuts and has an accuracy (0.02mm) for cutting sheets and metal pipes up to a thickness (30mm)

    Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine over other cutting machines?

    + Multiple cutting speed compared to air-gas plasma cutting machine

    + Do not change the color of the metal sheet (especially steel)

    + Lava does not stick to the sheet

    + Ability to work with the device in several work shifts with an additional table to reduce preparation time

    + Very low roughness compared to plasma

    Why knowledge-based fiber laser device:

    One ton more machine weight due to the build quality and strong chassis of the fiber cutting machine

    Using the best brands of laser source (IPG, Raycus) with a 2-year warranty

    Use of high power Japanese servo and motor and servo and drives and not using Chinese servo like other companies

    Use a stabilizer to fully protect the device

    Using a special cooling system to increase the life of the head and source of the device

    Very high processing speed

    Autofocus adjustment

    It has Taiwanese brand shoulder gears for smooth operation of the device

    Has an automatic lubrication system (to increase the life of the rack and shoulder gears)

    Schneider brand appliances

    Use brand heads and lenses

    The only user of integrated aluminum cutting bridges in Iran (to increase and increase the accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine)

    CYPCUT control system

    Support for DXF format and ....

    High cutting quality (the edge of the cut parts is very beautiful and clean)

    Lifespan more than 100,000 hours

    نمونه کار لیزر

    Examples of cutting work with laser metal cutting machine


    Cutting service companies


    Production of medical equipment


    Production of kitchen equipment


    Production of agricultural machinery


    Introduction of some industries in which fiber laser cutting machine is used:

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