About us


Payabresh Industrial Group


Paybaresh Knowledge-Based Machinery Industries with more than 40 years of brilliant production history as the largest and most reputable manufacturer and supplier of metal cutting and forming machines, the first manufacturer and supplier of metal cutting and forming machines and the first manufacturer of CNC guillotine machines in Iran

We have also achieved increasing growth in the field of customer relationship management using ISO9001-2008 management systems CRM MICROSOFT customer relationship management

Payabresh Machinery Industries has a professional sales team in the Middle East region, which is active in Iran, Iraq and Turkey, and exports its products to Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

We strive to be able to design and produce new generations of metal cutting and forming machines in Iran and to be effective in promoting the country's industry.

Features of Payabresh Industrial Group

12-month warranty and after-sales service for 15 years

Collaboration with the University of Tehran to produce a new generation of roll forming in Iran

Use of CRM system in sales and after-sales service unit to facilitate customer affairs

Has a quality control unit in compliance with international standards

Has a strong team of young engineers who allow customers to build and customize a variety of devices

Has a professional team specializing in electronics and hydraulics in the after-sales service unit






Export to countries:

Products manufactured in Payabaresh machine-building industry have CE and European standards and have been exported to countries such as Spain, Iraq, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Oman and Turkmenistan, which shows the high level of quality of our products and competitiveness. It is universal

Some of the honors of the enduring machine industry

Ethical Charter of Payabresh Company

Payabresh Machinery Industries started as the largest manufacturer of industrial equipment and devices in Iran in 1979 and is ready to provide services in the field of industrial machinery production based on customer orders.


This is the policy of this group


1   Belief in human resources as the main asset of the organization and efforts to maintain the dignity of this capital through the application of strategic principles of human resource development

2   Strengthening the organization's position as an international organization and continuous efforts to reach global markets

3   Carrying out research, development activities with the aim of innovating and introducing new products, perfect production and reducing production costs

4   Strong determination in continuous improvement through the establishment of quality management system by modeling the organizational excellence models

5   Belief in the principle of customer orientation by offering a variety of high quality products at reasonable prices and having an after-sales service network

6   Understand the dissemination of quality goals and policies at all levels, by all employees of the organization and adhere to its implementation

7   Balanced attention to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in the organization