JLM3015/4020/6020 Laser Cutting Machine

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Machine specification

Item Model
JLM3015 JLM4020 JLM6020
Cutting size(mm) ۳۰۵۰*۱۵۵۰ ۴۰۵۰*۲۰۵۰ ۶۰۵۰*۲۰۵۰
Max process height(mm) ۱۰۰
 Effective stroke X axis(mm) ۳۰۵۰ ۴۰۵۰ ۶۰۵۰
Y axis(mm) ۱۵۵۰ ۲۰۵۰ ۲۰۵۰
Z axis(mm) ۱۰۰
 Position accuracy X axis(mm/m) ±۰٫۰۳ ±۰٫۰۴
Y axis(mm/m) ±۰٫۰۳ ±۰٫۰۴
Z axis(mm/m) ±۰٫۰۱ ±۰٫۰۱
 Repeatedaccuracy X axis(mm) ±۰٫۰۲ ±۰٫۰۳
Y axis(mm) ±۰٫۰۲ ±۰٫۰۳
Z axis(mm) ±۰٫۰۰۵ ±۰٫۰۰۵
Max position speed( m/min) ۷۲m/min
Acceleration (G) ۰٫۶G
Work table bearing(kg) ۱۰۰۰kg(adjustable) ۱۵۰۰kg(adjustable)
Protection level IP54
Size L*W*H(mm) ۴۵۳۰×۲۵۲۰×۱۴۵۰ ۵۵۳۰×۳۱۶۵×۱۴۵۰ ۷۹۳۰×۳۱۶۵×۱۴۵۰


  1. Machine Configuration and operation cost
Machine parts list
No Item Brand Note
۱ Machine cutting table Qiaolian China
۲ Laser power Raycus/IPG China/Germany
۳ Laser head Raytools AG Swiss
۴ Chiller Hans China
۵ CNC controller Cypcut China
۶ Gear rack YYC Taiwan
۷ Rail guide Bosch Rexroth Germany
۸ X/Y axis Servo FUJI/YASKAWA Japan
۹ Z axis servo FUJI/YASKAWA Japan
۱۰ Planetary Gearbox Shimpo Japan
۱۱ Proportional valve SMC Japan
۱۲ Pressure valve Burkert Germany
۱۳ Auto height controller BSC100 China
۱۴ Relay Schneider France
۱۵ Solenoid valve SMC Japan
۱۶ Auto lubrication system Nanjin Xunrun China

Operation cost

Gas consumption takes 1mm CS and SS plate cutting as reference,

O2 consumption decreases along with plate thickness increase,

N2 consumption increases along with plate thickness increase,

Item Consumption. Note
Electricity (kw/h) ۶٫۵-۲۰kw( Complete machine, according to different laser power
O2(L/h) ۵٫۵ ۱mm carbon
N2(L/h) ۱۴-۱۶ ۱mm stainless
Protection glass/month ۲-۳
Nozzle/month ۲-۳

Warranty and Service

Complete machine has one year warranty after installation, and life-long technical support service.

During warranty period, any quality problem, we offer free repairing or replacement of parts.

After warranty period, we offer free technical support, just charge material cost.

Our promise: Respond to any of your inquiry within 24 hours.

Pre-sale service

  1. Free sample cutting,

For free sample cutting/testing, please send us your CAD file, we will do cutting here and make video to show you the cutting ,or send sample to you check cutting quality.

  1. Customized machine design

According to customer’s application, we may revise our machine accordingly for customer’s convenience and high production efficiency.

Service after sales

  1. Machine will be supplied with training video and user’s manual in English for installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting, and shall give technical guide by e-mail, fax, telephone, skype…. for fast solution.
  2. Customer may come to our factory for training. We will offer training of installation, operation, machine trouble-shooting, and maintenance.

During training in our workshop, we offer free training for 5-7 days, limit 2 people.

  1. We offer technician to customer site for installation and training, customer covers round trip tickets,local living cost and travel cost ,also labor fees.

Payment Term

۳۰% in advance, balance before delivery.

.Tools and documents delivered with machine

Machine tool

No Item Qty Unit
۱ M6 inner hexagon spanner ۱ pc
۲ Straight screwdriver ۱ pc
۳ Cross type screwdriver ۱ pc
۴ Adjustor wrench ۱ pc
۵ Protection lens ۱۰ pc
۶ Nozzle ۱۰ pc
۷ ۲G U disk ۱ pc
۸ Protection glass ۱ pc







                 Laser lens cleaning tool

No Item Qty Note
۱ Cleaning tool box ۱
۲ Cotton stick ۱
۳ Isopropyl ۱
۴ Dust cleaner ۱
۵ Dustproof gloves ۵
۶ Lens cleaning paper ۱


. Buyer’s Preparation

If not available at customer’s side, please inform us in advance.

No Item Specs Qty
۱ Machine powersupply cable ۱۰mm2*8 ۲۵m
۲ Machine grounding cable ۱۰mm2 ۲۵m
۳ Grounding copper rod Diameter:35mm ۲٫۵m
۴  deionized water Second grade ۱۰۰L
۵ Switch box ۲۲۰V,2P;380V, 3 phases, five wire ۱
۶ High pressure pipe joint In-line for air compressor. 10mm ۲
۷ Gas pipe ۱۰mm ۲۰m
۸ Oxygen cylinder ۲۲۰L ۱
۹ N2 cylinder ۲۲۰L ۱
۱۰ Carburetor(with pressure adjustor and pipe) ۱۰۰L ۱
۱۱ Input powersupply >30kw ۱
۱۲ Voltage stabilizer ۱۵-۳۰KW(according to the laser power) ۱